Ehrwalder Almbahn

Children are welcome at the Ehrwald Alm cable car.

Babies and toddlers can be taken up in the 8 seater cable car without any problem in a pushchair or buggy. For the hiking trails you will need a stable, sporty pushchair, all trails in and around the Ehrwalder Alm are gravel paths (exception: the route between the mountain and valley stations has a tarmac road). 

Pram & Handcart rental

Guests of the Ehrwald Alm cable car can rent prams or handcarts at the mountain station. These are free of charge for our guests, all we require is your ID card or passport which you leave with us as a deposit until the cart is returned.
The prams and handcarts can only be rented out during the operating hours of the Ehrwald Alm cable car and should also be returned to the mountain station during operating hours.

Important tips 

Please note the following points if you are walking in the mountains with children: you will be spending the day at an altitude to which most people are unaccustomed. Through the exercise and fresh air children, in particular, quickly get tired. They use more energy,so please ensure that they drink and eat plenty all day long and have enough time to rest in between. Don't forget sunglasses, as well as sun cream and a hat.

Weather in Ehrwald
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12C/54F to 17C/63F
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Ehrwalder Almbahn
Ehrwalder Almbahn
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