betterpark Ehrwald


Only available in German.

Jump 14 m Large Line 
Jump 10 m (Neu!) Large Line 
Down Rail 8 m (Neu!) Large Line 
DoubleKink Rail 10 m Large Line 
Donkey Rail 6 m Large Line 
Jump 6 m Medium Line 
Jump 8 m (Neu!) Medium Line 
Jump 6 m Medium Line 
Down Tube 6 m (Neu!) Medium Line 
Down Box 6 m (Neu!) Medium Line 
Flat Box 4 m (Neu!) Medium Line 
Cannon 5 m (Neu!) Medium Line 
FlatDown Box 6 m Medium Line 
Jump 2 m (Neu!) Small Line 
Jump 4 m (Neu!) Small Line 
Rainbow Box 3 m Small Line 
Flat Box 3 m Small Line 
C-Box Medium Line 
Up and Down Box  
Weather in Ehrwald
Wettersymbol - bright bright
9C/48F to 15C/59F
Open lifts
Ehrwalder Almbahn
Ehrwalder Almbahn
Tel.: +43 / 5673 / 2468
Fax: +43 / 5673 / 2309-51