Important climbing tips

Please remember the Zugspitze is nearly 3000 meters above sea level and so, even if you take the cable car up the mountain, you need to consider the conditions on the peak and how they may effect you.


Please take care to wear suitable clothing and solid footwear. At the valley station there are monitors with live pictures of the peak. Inform yourself before you leave about the temperature, wind and weather. Unsuitable clothing can make the trip up to the Zugspitze an unpleasant experience.

Altitude Difference(s)

The Zugspitze is just under 3,000 metres above sea level. With the Tyrolean Zugspitze Railway, a difference in altitude of 1,750 m is covered in just 10 minutes. The air at this altitude is much thinner and so the effects on the body are much greater.

Sun protection

The sun is much stronger at the peak than in the valley. On sunny days, and also when it is cloudy, you should always wear protection against the sun such as a sun hat and sunscreen.

Important points to remember when taking children up the mountain

One should also remember a few important points when taking children up to the peak.

Difference in Altitude

The Zugspitze is almost 3000 meters above sea level which in itself can be very difficult for children to cope with. In addition to this the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn covers an altitude difference of 1,750 meters in just 10 minutes! The air at this level is much thinner which puts more pressure on our bodies. Children should be given plenty to drink and regular snacks and then they will be better able to cope. 


During the cable car ride, more often when riding back down the mountain, children will often complain of ear ache. Small children are not able to reduce the pressure in their ears caused by such a rapid rise in altitude. By giving them something to drink or a small sweet to suck on you can help to reduce this and any pain will disappear as soon as they reach the valley station again.


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