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K&K Summit-Ticket



 Up- and downhill ride
Groups 15 - 39 persons, price p. P.€ 41,00€ 26,00
Groups 40-99 persons, price p.P.€ 39,50€ 26,00
Groups from 100 persons, price p. P.€ 37,50€ 26,00
Groups of children, teenagers or students with teacher*€ 25,00€ 15,50
Adults normal price p. P.€ 48,00€ 31,00


K & K Summit-Ticket

(6–15 years)
Groups 15-29 person, price p. P.€ 46,00€ 31,50
  • This offer is just possible for groups of 15 guests or more with advance reservation!
  • This offer is not valid during Zugspitze Oktoberfest.



Groups 15-29 person, price p. P.€ 51,00
  • This offer is just possible for groups of 15 guests or more with advance reservation!
  • This offer is not valid during Zugspitze Oktoberfest.


  • 1x Up and downhill ride with the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn
  • One pair "Weißwurst" with pretzel and mustard
  • One "Erdinger Weißbier" wheat bier (0.5l - light, dark or alcohol free)
  • 1x Entrance to interactive museum free
  • 1x Entrance snow crystal world free
  • 1x Entrance BAHNORAMA at the valley station
  • Technical exhibition room at the valley station

Conditions for Travel organisers and coach drivers

1 free card for every 15 paying guests.

For groups of 15 guests or more bus drivers can obtain a free ticket and a restaurant voucher, for their own personal use, at the ticket office of the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn.

Discount Bonus: At the end of the season, subject to proof of purchase, the following discounts are available to Travel organisers:

  • 200-500 paid tickets (up and downhill ride), 5 %
  • 501-700 paid tickets (up and downhill ride), 7 %
  • 701 or more paid tickets (up and downhill ride), 10 %

The discounts will either be refunded in the form of cash, by prior agreement, or by credit to an account. Please ensure you always obtain a receipt, showing the price and number of tickets pruchased.

If you are interested in our group conditions and prices then please fill in the following form and we will send you the information as soon as possible:

Ticket Information
Tiroler Zugspitzbahn

Ticket or ski pass sales





You will receive tickets and ski passes directly at the base station of the Tiroler Zugspitz Railway. Tickets for the journey down (single ticket) can be obtained at the mountain station of the Tiroler Zugspitz Railway (infopoint). Sale in advance for the following day(s) takes place from 3.00 p.m.
Our ski passes are issued on key cards (no deposit). That means even more comfort – contact-free through the turnstile.

  • Cash desk times: 8.30 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.
  • Phone: +43 5673-2309-253

A partial reimbursement of ski passes is only possible in the event of illness. In the event of bad skiing accidents or a longer period of illness, partial reimbursement may be made if the ski pass is speedily deposited at the place where it was purchased with a certificate from a local doctor. Accompanying persons do not receive any reimbursement.

We can unfortunately not replace lost ski passes or tickets. We can also not grant any reimbursement or extension in the event of bad weather, risk of avalanches, early departure, cessation of operation caused by the weather or closure of ski slopes. It is not possible to subsequently exchange the ski pass for a different one, transfer it to other persons or extend or postpone the duration of validity.

Please note the conditions of carriage as posted on the respective cable car facilities and in the ticket offices.

The services included in this ticket are provided by legally independent companies. The company selling the ticket is only acting as a representative for the independent companies. The respective companies are therefore obliged to provide the individual services and to compensate for any incidents.

For all types of concessions it is absolutely necessary to show an official proof of identification!

We are not pleased to see abusers and those who travel without paying. Please understand that we have to take very stringent action against persons who are encountered without a valid ticket for travel. Those who travel without a ticket must expect to pay an increased fare. The attempted or actual abuse of travel tickets leads to their removal without compensation. Our ticket inspector is regularly on the go in the entire skiing region! The ticket is to be shown to him and to our staff upon request.

All dogs must be kept on a lead when travelling in our cable cars. Dangerous and problem dogs should also muzzled! Dog owners are liable for any accidents.

The following guidelines apply when travelling on our buses. Dogs travel free of charge however they must be kept on a lead and must also be muzzled, the only exception being Guide Dogs. Please ensure that your dog does not disturb or frighten other passengers.

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