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Museum Zugspitze
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Environmental considerations are far more complicated at this altitude than they are down in the valley because of the difficulties of balancing the building of infrastructure with the very sensitive natural environment. We would like to illustrate to you how we are working to actively protect the environment.


We differentiate between drinking water and general usage water. Drinking water is transported to the peak in a 2,500 litre tank attached to one of our cable cars. General usage water for toilets etc. is sourced by collecting rain water and melting snow.


We try, in the main, to avoid refuse. We don't use disposable packaging and, as far as is possible, transport ready to use items without packaging. Any refuse is carefully sorted on a daily basis and taken back down the mountain to be disposed of.

Waste Water 

All waste water from the peak is piped, jointly with our german colleagues, down the mountain to the valley. 

Solar Power

We have a solar powered heating plant on the peak to tap into the the much stronger sun rays at this altitude. This is supplemented by oil fired heating and the oil is transported, outside business hours, via a 2,500 litre tank attached to one of our cable cars.