A Tiroler Zugspitzbahn
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B Gletscherbahn
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Museum Zugspitze
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Western route up to the Zugspitze

  • Starting point: Valley station Tiroler Zugspitzbahn
  • Destination: Zugspitze (2.962 m)
  • Over: Gamskar – Wiener Neustädter Hütte – Via Ferata „Stopselzieher“ or Cork Screw 
  • Grad of difficulty: difficult, easy steep track (A/B) from Wiener Neustädter Hütte
  • Time: approx. 5 hours.
  • Please note: Only for experienced climbers! You must be sure footed with a good head for heights and be physically fit. Good climbing equipment is also essential. A mountain guide is recommended for inexperienced climbers. This route is only recommended when the weather is good(snowfalls are possible even in the summer).

The route starts behind the valley station of the Tyrolean Zugspitze cable car (signposted “Wiener Neustädter Hütte, Zugspitze”) and follows the ski route. Stay on this path to the start of the gravel/scree field. Cross the scree and climb until you reach a steep track which takes you to the Wiesengrat or meadow ridge. Passing Pylon 2 of the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn you climb a secured walkway leading to the Austrian Schneekar. To the right lies the Wiener Neustädter Hut (walking time approx. 2-3 hours). Large stretches of the marked path run directly under the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn. The cable car will always either be visible or directly overhead.

From the hut, the steep track leads across scree ascending slightly to the left until you reach the top of the Schneekar. This is where the Klettersteig, which is secured with metal brackets and steel cables, starts.  You continue to ascend towards a sloping, chimney like chute known as the “Stopselzieher” (German for “corkscrew”). From the end of the chute there is another steep climb where steel cables guide you to another channel over a slightly sloping wall. You continue the climb across the rock face until you reach the ridge. You then carry on along the ridge until you reach the terrace of the moúntain station (walking/climbing time approx. 2-3 hours) where you will be greeted by admiring and curious visitors who have travelled up by cable car!

The ride back down to the valley with the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn beckons after you have enjoyed a cold beer and the wonderful views. Included in the price of your ticket is entry to the ‘Fascination Zugspitze’ interactive museum.  

Klettersteig Zugspitze Höhenprofil

Please note:
This is mountain terrain and so requires mountain equipment. You also need to have a good head for heights, be sure footed and physically fit. The information regarding hiking/travelling times as well as the difficulty grading is guideline information only. For details of all the tours refer to relevant maps and guides.