A Tiroler Zugspitzbahn
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Museum Zugspitze
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27th August, 1820First ascent of the Zugspitze by Josef Naus (Reutte-Lechaschau)
August 1851Bavarian climbers erect a cross on the peak
approx. 1870Mountain guides accompany the first guests to the Zugspitze
1897/1900The Munich House and the weather station are built
1924Construction begins on the Austrian Zugspitz cable car
5th July, 1926Completion and opening celebrations of the Austrian Zugspitz cable car
1930Opening of the cogwheel train from the Eibsee to the Schneefernerhaus on the Bavarian side
30th January, 1931Completion of a cable car from the Scheefernerhaus to the peak of the Zugspitze
1933The „thousand mark barrier" (whereby German citizens had to pay the government 1000 Marks to be permitted to visit Austria), resulting in fewer guests - poor financial situation of the Austrian Zugspitz Railway
1937Sale of shares in the Austrian Zugspitz Cable Car to the Bavarian Zugspitz Railway
1945After the war the Zugspitz Cable Car was transferred back to the Austrian authorities as "German property"
1952Acquisition of new light metal cable cars with a capacity for 23 passengers
1954Increase in power of the electric engine, resulting in an increase in speed from 3.5 to 5 metres per second
1956Reconstruction of the hotel wing at the valley station destroyed during the war
June 1958Establishment of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Railways AG with its Head Office in Ehrwald
1959/60Modernization of the equipment: Construction of the middle station at the Gamskar, resulting in four-cabin operation (260 persons/hour) and opening up the Zugspitze peak by menas of a cable railway
September 1962Major fire at the Mountain Hotel
1st Dezember 1962Opening of the Eibsee cable car on the Bavarian side
15th May, 1964Tyrolean Zugspitze Cable Car put into operation
September 1965Opening of the peak hotel with panorama restaurant
1988Sale of the shares in the buisness held by the State of Tyrol to Zillertal Glacier Railways GmbH & Co KG
10th July, 1991Opening of the "new" Tyrolen Zugspitz Cable Car
6. February 2003Fire at the valley station, the cable car is badly damaged
February-August 2003Reconstruction in record time
13th August, 2003Opening following reconstruction
May 2005Opening of the Panorama Gipfelrestaurant after reconstruction
May 2005Opening of the Fascination Zugspitze – Interactive museum
March 2016Opening "Der Schneekristall" – Snow Crystal
May 2018Opening "BAHNORAMA anno 1926"