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21.05. – 06.11.2022

The Z-Ticket can be purchased as a 3 day to 13 day ticket. With the Z-ticket you can visit the attractions listed below free of charge. 

From 21th May to 3th July 2022 and from 27th August to 6th November 2022 you can get the Z-ticket to a significantly reduced special price with a minimum stay of 7 nights at Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Please contact the tourist office or your hirer!

Prices „Z-Ticket“ Summer 2022

(16–18 years)
(6–15 years)
3€ 66,00 € 53,00 € 33,00 
4€ 74,00 € 59,00 € 37,00 
5€ 82,00 € 65,50 € 41,00 
6€ 88,00€ 68,00€ 70,50€ 50,50€ 44,00€ 24,00
7€ 96,00€ 76,00€ 77,00€ 57,00€ 48,00€ 28,00
8€ 103,00€ 83,00€ 82,50€ 62,50€ 51,50€ 31,50
9€ 109,00€ 89,00€ 87,00€ 67,00€ 54,50€ 34,50
10€ 116,00€ 96,00€ 93,00€ 73,00€ 58,00€ 38,00
11€ 123,00€ 103,00€ 98,50€ 78,50€ 61,50€ 41,50
12€ 129,00€ 109,00€ 103,00€ 83,00€ 64,50€ 44,50
13€ 137,00€ 117,00€ 109,50€ 89,50€ 68,50€ 48,50


  • Prices inclusive 10 % tax.
    All prices in Euro, subject to misprints!

  • *NT = Standard Rate
  • *ST = Special Rate

  • The reduced Z-Ticket (Special Rate) is available from 21th May to 3th July 2022 (last day of validity; last day of purchase for 6-day-ticket 28th June 2022) and from 27th August to 6th November 2026. Reduced price with a minimum overnight stay in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena of 7 nights.

Discount Partners

20% discount on standard rates of the following services

  • Archery Course Ehrwald: Entrance archery course
  • Golf School Ortner: Private golf lesson 55 minutes
  • Tennis Club Ehrwald: Tennis court fee
  • Tennis Club Lermoos: Tennis court fee
  • Disc Golf Parcours Bichlbach: Entrance disc golf parcours
  • Children's Rafting Bichlbach: Entrance children's rafting
  • High Ropes Course Bichlbach: Entrance (3 hours) including equipment
  • Hotel MyTirol Biberwier: Day pass sauna and spa area
  • Stand up Paddle Heiterwang: SUP & kayak rental, SUP-tours
  • Castle Ehrenberg: Entrance museum


  • The ticket is not transferable, also not within a family.
  • Subsequent exchange for a different product – including a Z Ticket with a different validity period– and transfer to a different person
  • or change of the validity period are not possible.
  • No entitlement to a refund in case of bad weather, illness, early departure, failure or non operation of the systems.
  • The individual services to that you are entitled under this ticket are provided by legally independent companies. The company that
  • sells this ticket merely acts as an agent for the other companies. Consequently, only the corresponding company is obliged to provide
  • the individual services and to offer compensation in the event of any incident.
  • The Z Ticket allows the user to use the facilities of the member companies during the operation and opening times (special trips outside
  • the normal operation hours are excluded). The operation and opening times are determined by the respective member company.
  • You are not entitled to a full or aliquot refund in the event of closure of individual member companies (in part or in full) for operational
  • or any other reasons.
  • No replacement ticket can be issued in case of loss.
  • Should the user forget the Z Ticket, he/she must pay the full price charged by the corresponding member company.
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