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A highlight on the peak is certainly the “Fascination Zugspitze – interactive museum … with the best views!” (opened in summer 2005). Here you can experience the Zugspitze in all its variations – even if it is foggy, stormy or snowing outside.


Conquest of the Zugspitze

The start of the exhibition takes you on a journey through time from the first ascent of the Zugspitze in 1820 by Josef Naus, through the building of the Zugspitze Cable Railway in the 1920s and the modernisation in the 1960s, up to the present day. Old photographs and objects charting the history of the railway are on display.



Having conquered the Zugspitze, with the aid of technology, you are now standing on top of the mountain. On entering the old cable railway entrance hall, the ceiling-high glass frontage provides visitors with a unique view into the surrounding mountain world of the Zugspitze. The gallery, housing a gondola from the 1960’s, serves primarily as a viewing platform for the surrounding mountain world and the model of the Zugspitze mountain, which is depicted one floor below. From here, you can interactively select and make visible the mountain groups which can be seen from the Zugspitze, by means of a control panel. 


added excitement

In the gallery below you wander over an extensive map of the Zugspitze area towards a large 3-dimensional model of the Zugspitze, which is framed by the weather wonders of the mountain in fantastic pictures.

For added excitement you can step onto a glass floor which enables you to look down onto the Zugspitz mountain approximately 200m below. Spanning both floors, to the side of the stairs, is a large oversized mosaic of the Zugspitze Cable Railway, made up of hundreds of individual photos.


Sensory Visions

The central highlight of the exhibition on the Zugspitze is the three-dimensional presentation in the cable room of the old Zugspitze Railway. The projection screen, which enables an exciting and unique form of presentation, covers two floors. Topics of this unparalleled film are the spectacles of nature on the mountain peak, from sunrise to sunset, from snow , wind, sun and rain.

Sonderausstellung Erstbesteigung

Der erste, der die Besteigung der Zugspitze schriftlich der Nachwelt hinterlassen hat, war Josef Naus am 27. August 1820.

Auch nach dem 200-jährigen Jubiläum bleibt die Anziehungskraft bestehen: So widmet das Erlebnismuseum „Faszination Zugspitze“ der Erstbesteigung und weiteren spannenden Einblicken rund um die Begehung der Zugspitze eine Sonderausstellung.

In der Ausstellung bekommen Besucher Einblicke in die Person Josef Naus und in sein Tagebuch, das den beschwerlichen Aufstieg dokumentiert – inklusive Original-Auszüge.

Die Ausstellung zeigt aber auch eine im Archiv des DAV wiederentdeckte historische Karte aus der Zeit um 1770, die darauf hindeutet, dass Deutschlands höchster Berg wohl bereits vor der Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts bestiegen wurde.

3D-Ausstellungsmodule mit eingezeichneten Routen sowie 3D Hologramm-Schirme mit Stereobildern von und zur Zugspitze vervollständigen das 360-Grad Zugspitz-Erlebnis.

Farewell to the mountain 

Following the impressions at the peak, it is time to start saying goodbye to the Zugspitze. Starting with another film, charting the profile of the Tyrolean Zugspitze Railway, you wander back down to the valley.

„Fascinating Zugspitze“ – Interactive Museum

Adults€ 4,00
Teens 16–18 years€ 2,00
Children 6–15 years€ 2,00


Free entry

with the following tickets:

  • Summit ticket „Zugspitze Experience“
  • Glacier ticket „Short Round Trip“
  • Combi-ticket "Ehrwald hoch 2"
  • „Gatterl“ hiking ticket (only in summer)
  • Z-ticket (only in summer)


Should wheelchair guests wish to visit the "Fascination Zugspitze", please contact our staff who will take you by elevator to both levels of the interactive museum.


The museum is planned and designed by the team Eiswelten.