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Children are welcome! Naturally children particularly enjoy the excitement of the ride up the mountain with the cable car, but the viewing terrace and museum are also areas which they will enjoy. There are just a few important points to remember if you are taking children up the mountain with you.

Difference in altitude

The Zugspitze is almost 3000m above sea level and that alone can be a very difficult experience for small children. In addition to the altitude the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn travels up the mountain in just 10 Minutes, transcending an altitude of 1.750 Meters. The air at this level is much thinner which puts more pressure on our bodies. Children should drink plenty and also eat and then there will be no problems!


During the cable car ride (most frequently on the ride down the mountain) children can complain of "ear ache". Small children are unable to control the pressure on their ears created by such a rapid change in altitude. Giving them a sweet or something to drink will definitely help! The pressure eases very soon after you arrive back in the valley.

Sun protection

The suns rays are much stronger at altitude than down in the valley. On sunny days as well as foggy days it is advisable to protect against the sun with sun cream and a hat (also advisable for Mum's and Dad's!)

Family rates

Children are welcomed on the Zugspitze and this is indicated by our special rates. Up to and including 5 year olds travel free. From 6 – 18 years of age families can buy a family ticket.